Welcome to Lifted Management. We pride ourselves on building strong relationships to promote a rewarding experience for all involved, with a focus on staying ahead of industry trends and technologies.

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We believe that your success is our success. At Lifted, we take great pride in our capability to elevate your brand to new heights without the unnecessary hassle. Our range of services include influencer management, social media management and brand development: all geared towards bringing your brand and vision to life.

Influencer Management

Do you want to elevate your brand to the next level? Our influencer management service is here to take care of that for you. At Lifted, our experts are dedicated to helping you succeed as an influencer. We actively search for brand deals and sponsorships that align with you and your audience.

Social Media Management

Brand Development

Cutting Edge
Audio Dubbing

Audio dubbing is a game changer for creators. It expands your reach and connects you with a wider audience.

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Our team has mastered taking long-form content and turning it into an extra revenue stream for you!

We are experts in creating engaging, unique and captivating content from scratch and distributing it on short-form platforms like TikTok and YouTube Shorts to expand your reach to millions of viewers worldwide. With our service, you can reach new heights and capture the attention of a global audience.

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Social Media Management

Influencer Management

Creating Partnerships

Our extensive network of connections in the marketing industry allows us to

connect some of the world's leading brands and influencers. Our goal is to elevate

not only the brand but the influencer as well, resulting in significant growth and

increased visibility, benefiting everyone involved.

Recently, we worked with Fortnite World Cup Winner Emil "Nyhrox" Bergquist

Pedersen on his recent Red Bull campaign, allowing Red Bull to not only

dominate the market in multiple different niches but also get their foot in the

door within the online gaming and esports scene.

This year we have collaborated with Express VPN to launch an

influencer marketing campaign centred around short-form content

on YouTube. We worked with Valerie Le Pelch, achieving numbers that

vastly exceeded the brand's ROI.

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Clients Think Of Us


78.6K subscribers

Went above and beyond!

Lifted has helped me in so many ways, and I’m so thankful for everything they’ve done for me. All of my socials have reached new heights since I started working with them, and they’re both extremely consistent and helpful with everything they do. I couldn’t recommend working with Lifted enough.


529K subscribers

Unbelievable service!

Lifted are so good; they’re always in close contact with me on what’s going on with my socials and have improved my growth astronomically in the last few months. I’ve gained hundreds and thousands of followers since we started working together.


163K subscribers

Will hire again for sure!

Working with Kofi at Lifted Management has been a real blessing. Smooth, consistent work with a quick turnover and a great end product would more than recommend.


1.5M subscribers

So easy to work with!

Working with Oliver from Lifted was like working with a friend. Whenever I needed something done, I’d shoot him a message, and he’d get it fixed instantly. I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better and smoother service. Nothing but thankful for Lifted!


39.1K subscribers

From standard to staggering…

Before I started working with Zach at Lifted, I was losing followers every time I posted, and my views were slowly declining. Since then, he has helped me go from losing 1000 followers a month to gaining over 6500 followers a month consistently. I highly recommend working with Lifted.

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